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Brambledene, Private Residence

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A private residence in the heart of the British countryside. The client’s primary concern was full Wifi coverage and connectivity throughout all areas of the 2 storey, detached property at all times.

A full site Wifi coverage survey was initially conducted prior to the planning and design of a Wifi network optimised for coverage. A dynamic and reliable solution was installed which maximises coverage by redistributing Wifi signals from static access points with omni-directional antennas thus extending the Wifi signal range as and when load requires.

We chose a product that is ideal for a smaller number of users but when combined with omni-directional products still powerful enough to reduces RF noise and dropped connections and increases upload speeds. Outdoor coverage would become a fundamental requirement during the Great British Summertime so our network design extends to full coverage within the properties boundaries. Security comes as standard with all of our installations and this project was no exception.

These may be business grade solutions but with many more people opting to work from home, great Wifi coverage in private locations is becoming more common. As a bonus this network design benefits from outstanding VoIP performance for video calling.

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