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Dior Backstage Photo Shoot

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The WiFi Specialist was contacted by an agency in Paris to help with a VIP event which was being held in London. The event in question was the prestigious Dior Backstage photo shoot. Their main issue was that the photographic studio where the shoot was happening could not provide decent internet or wifi connectivity. We were asked to sort out both issues at quite short notice.

We visited the studios in advance and did a thorough site survey to see what we needed to do to improve the service. The connection coming into the property was very unreliable in terms of speed. Also the wifi connection was not great in the main studio. After running some cabling and placing some decent access points in the relevant areas we managed to get the wifi connectivity sorted. We also managed to get a reliable internet connection running where we obtained a stable 70mbps download speed and 30mbps upload speed.

The event went smoothly with the organisers able to take their photos, edit them and then publish them to the relevant social media platforms. Also the invited Vloggers who were connected to the free network were also able to upload their videos without any issues.

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