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Earth Venue, Dalston

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Based on the Stoke Newington Road. This was an old cinema which had been closed for around 35 years. This was purchased by the same company that runs Village Underground in Shoreditch. They wanted to turn this into a venue for live bands and also a restaurant area.

The WiFi Specialist got involved at the early stages and our first job was to implement full Cat 6 cabling around all of the critical areas where data was required. Once all of the cables were tested and terminated the next job was to setup the firewall and activate the 100mb leased line.

We implemented a Barracuda cloud gen F280 firewall with a maximum of 300 users. The Wi-Fi was not to be used by the public, so a larger user firewall was not required at this stage.

The Wi-Fi itself was a Ruckus solution we provided and in the larger venue and theatre areas we implemented the Ruckus R720’s. In the smaller restaurant area, we implemented the R610 for guest WiFi. This was also controlled by VSZ (Virtual Smart Zone). Each access point is rate limited on the up and down streams. Also, each access point has a maximum user count of 100.

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