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Torrington Hall, St Albans

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Torrington Hall, St Albans - The WiFi Specialist

This St Albans based Holiday rental apartment now offers free guest Wifi installed by The WiFi Specialist. The hardware installed in this period property is unobtrusive and every care was taken to ensure the installation was sensitive to the interior design scheme.

Following a specialist Wifi site survey conducted by The WiFi Specialist a WiFi network was designed and installed in the period property. The Torrington house management team recognise that with more people travelling for business these days having access to secure, fast WiFi is now a top priority in the selection process for booking accommodation. The network was designed considering the guest needs, ensuring their stay was the most comfortable and stress-free. The secured free guest Wifi has a branded captive portal allowing guests to leave reviews during their stay whilst also accessing transport and entertainment information and remain contact with home.

Torrington Hall, with guests visiting from all over the world, has scored a rating of 10/10 on for Wifi access. 9.6 overall rating making Torrington Hall an exceptional accommodation.

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